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With a growing interest in my book, International Business Language Code, I got numerous referrals from leading businesspeople both in Israel and overseas who would like to attend lectures and workshops based on the book. I am excited to announce the first round of lectures and training sessions that I will start shortly.

Below please see the initial offer. Each issue can be held both as a lecture (1 hour) and as a workshop session (2.5 hours):

IBL Code as an Essential Tool for Overall Success in International Business Arena
The lecture provides a basic tool set for every businessman to speak an international business language. You will get answers to such critical questions as:

Your knowledge of the IBL code will make you an outstanding forerunner among businesses on the international arena.

IBL Code Time Zone
The lecture is a breakthrough in the world of international business. Why? Simply because you are not going to attend just another Time Management lecture. The IBL Code Time Zone deals with multi-cultural time management, describes how to respect our own time and the time of the others. You will look at real life examples on how one would feel if a telephone call is not received at a promised time, when to return emails, how to run time-smart meetings, how to be time-sensitive when running global business and more.

IBL Code Virtual Teams: Communication without Borders
The modern world is in the middle of a virtual spin. Businesses take advantages of the incredible virtual opportunities that will lead to competitive advantage in their markets.

The IBL Code answers the question of how to conquer a virtual environment in ways that competitors cannot replicate. You’ll know how to build trust between team members, to create the feeling of “camaraderie”, how to read between the lines and to solve prevent or solve virtual conflicts, how to use social media to make your virtual team stand out.

IBL Code Business Cultures
The IBL Code “cultural” lecture provides best practices on the right and wrong behavior when making business abroad. You will know how to express opinions and make decisions without offending another side, what information sharing in different cultures mean, how to watch for language pitfalls, whether to bring presents when travelling abroad and other. The lectures consist of 2 parts – general overview and a custom-tailored section based on your business’s international partners.

IBL Dress Code
The lecture provides a thorough analysis of how to dress for your success, to boost your confidence through a right, suitable for you outfit, and how to make right messages through clothes and color. You will discover how to add a personal touch to that basic grey suit, what the statement that you make to the outside world is, what clothes to take when going on a business trip, and how to “read” dress codes.

IBL Code Executive Dining Etiquette
A unique highly enjoyable lecture emphasizes an important role of bringing people together in a more casual atmosphere. Many deals are being closed during meals; therefore the IBL code provides a key to success in that area and explains why dining etiquette is a science on its own.  You will also know about wine traditions, cocktail party behavior, seating arrangements and much more.

IBL Body Language Code: What Your Body is Saying
During this remarkable lecture you will learn what you, as a message, tell the world. And as any message, yours will become clear, dynamic and interesting after the IBL Body Language Code lecture. The IBL code teaches techniques how to provide messages efficiently, how to use verbal and non-verbal means of communication  and how to make the right first impression. You will not have to wonder whether and when to shake hands, how significant your smile is, and what your voice may be really saying.

IBL Business Manners and Management
You know that workplace skills have changed through the last decades and work environment is getting new forms at a fast pace. People change jobs constantly, businesses are being merged, sold and bought. The IBL Code lecture provides techniques on how to succeed at a job interview, how to survive at a new workplace, and how to understand the work environment. You will gain knowledge on how to train your personnel to make the first and the only impression of the business through a phone conversation. This IBL Code lecture provides ways how to give positive feedback to an employer at any point in the career.

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