Chocolate - sweet manners

Chocolate - sweet manners

 Chocolate - sweet manners

Tami Lancut Leibovitz

Chocolate is a commodity that can certainly exist without it, but much sweeter and more pleasant when present.

So what are the rules to keep in mind when bringing chocolate?

 It is always important to bring good quality chocolate. It is certainly possible and beautiful to bring a small amount of chocolates, a personal bonbonniere, or a number of pralines, but be the best.

 Do not recycle bonbonniere you received and pass them on. You may be embarrassed if the bonbonniere you receive is of a cheap and simple type (for those who recycle gifts without even opening them, a little tip - sometimes you might find a note or greeting to give you away ...). Also, chocolate has a lifespan. Very disrespectful to bring old and / or spoiled chocolate.

 Chocolate is very suitable for winter days, but less suitable for summer days. You can only bring chocolate in the summer if you travel to a nearby place and take the chocolate from an air-conditioned place and bring it to an air-conditioned place. If you are traveling to a distant place, chances are the chocolate will melt, then you should just think about another.

 It is important to bring chocolate or bonbonniere in a beautiful gift box, which complements your attention. Like any gift, packaging is an incredibly significant part of it. Beautiful packaging says, "I thought about you, I paid attention."

 If you go abroad, it is nice to bring chocolate to the host or person you meet (even in business circumstances), but always make sure to bring an original Chocolate from your country.

 Chocolate is also a good solution as a gift when returning from abroad. For those people you feel the need to bring something, but on the other hand, you do not want to spend time abroad in search of gifts, it is always nice to bring chocolate from the country you were in. True, chocolate from abroad is no longer as attractive as before, but the main thing is that it indicates attention and thought. Overall, it is great to bring chocolate to co-workers.