Your golden rules for a golden hotel vacation

Your golden rules for a golden hotel vacation

Tami Lancut Leibovitz

A hotel is much more than a location, it’s an experience and destination that arouses feelings, emotions, and memories. From business trips to weddings, we stay at hotels for a wide array of reasons. Now more than ever, we also expect more, we aim for a high standard of service, cleanliness, nutrition, and hospitality and sometimes, also expect luxury and elegance – depends on the kind of the hotel we choose.

As a hotel guests, there’s also a standard you are required to hold in order to keep up with a proper hotel etiquette and make the most of your vacation or stay, from the moment of check-in until the moment our vacation ends:

Before your arrival

Planning a head is always a simple, great way to get your exact wishes at the hotel you’re staying at – in terms of floor number, room type and any other accommodations you may need. Don’t wait until the last minute – especially if you have specific requests.

Always confirm the check-in and check-out schedule before you arrive, it varies from place to place. If you arrive with a car, check ahead about street parking or hotel parking/parking vouchers.

Are you traveling with young children or a baby? Let the hotel know ahead of time if you have any special items or requests you need.

Traveling with a pet? Don’t assume you can bring your pet along – always check ahead of time.

Check-In Time!

A friendly reminder before you even check into your room: from the moment you arrive at the hotel, you are expected to tip most of the staff including porters, waiter, doorman, valet parking staff and more. The tipping world is a whole universe on itself and I will follow up with an article about the specifics of it.

Always use your basic manners, smile to the staff, and use Please and Thank You.

When you enter the room, report to the reception immediately about any broken or missing item so it won’t come back to haunt you at the end of your vacation.

Keep a reasonable volume level of speaking and socializing. If you are using a music device, use it with headphones. If you suffer from a fellow guest loudness or loud music, don’t confront them, follow it up with the reception staff.

When you open the door for the cleaning crew, always cover up, so you won’t embarrass the staff. If you wish to be unbothered, make sure the “Do Not Disturb” sign is on the doorknob. If you forgot, apologize and be polite when they enter. You are more than welcome to make their life easier – don’t leave a complete mess in the room and your stuff all over the place – they are there to clean, not to tidy up after you.

Your personal belonging and important items should be kept in the safe.

Public Areas

When you move from area to area through hallways and rooms, keep your voice down, especially between 10PM to 8AM.

Be aware of your surroundings when you move through the elevator and escalator. Greeting Good Morning or Hello as you enter the elevator is recommended and acceptable.

When you enter the pools, jacuzzi and spa areas – it’s important to read the guidelines. Don’t let kids wander unattended and don’t create any noise hazard.

Keep your table manners in the dining area. Feel free to visit the buffet as often as you like but take a fresh plate every time. Wine and dine while you’re there, but don’t take any food outside the dining room.

Check-Out Time!

Respect the proper check-out time and if you need to leave later, coordinate it with the reception staff. You might be able to stay longer for a certain fee.

Upon paying your final payment, check the bill, everyone makes mistakes and you don’t want to find a billing error on your way home.

If you don’t want to wait in line, don’t wait for the last minute to check out.

If you had a good stay, thanking or parting ways with the staff that helped you along the trip is a great idea. If they offer you to answer a service survey, take a few minutes to provide your opinion.

I guarantee that proper hotel etiquette will keep you mind as a welcoming, respectable guest. As a returning guest that created a good network in the hotel, you may be able to get upgrades or benefits and over anything, receive the VIP, hospitable treatment you deserve.

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